Thursday, June 4, 2015

The gift of being yourself

Have you ever dreamt that were someone else, perhaps a colleague at work who is doing extremely well or maybe a famous/rich politician with significant influence or power? If you answered yes, you are not alone; at some point in time in our lives most of question our own identify and wonder what could be if we were someone else. While it is normal to ask yourself this question at some point in your life, this blog will attempt to convince you why you need to dispel that notion and accept yourself with all your personality traits.

Let us start by understanding the external pressures of why the world wants to erase “you” and replace “you” with someone else, remember that you live in a planet with a few billion people and technically you are part of a large collective that we called humanity. The collective has strong interests that are being influenced by key people in our society, for example politicians want voters to completely buy-in into their agenda and not only vote for them but convince other voters to vote for them as well. The military, one of the largest employees worldwide, is based on the premise that you need to follow orders and more closely at home, whoever you live with, most likely have also tried to change some aspects of your personality as well.

Now that we understand some of the external pressures, let us explore why it is important that you stay true to yourself. Imagine that all the people in the planet are puzzle pieces if we were all the same, nobody could assemble the puzzle as for the pieces to fit together they have to be different so they can interlock in place.
Further, let us take something as a sports team, pick your favorite, soccer, cricket, football, basketball, it does not matter. What matters is that the sport is played by a team and each individual on that team plays a different role, which is an important and required position. Just imagine if out of the 11 players on a soccer field all of them were the goalie, who would score the goals and defend the mid-field? We need the diversity in our lives as much as the soccer game needs each individual to play its assigned role.

Let everyone of us, put this in the context of work, family and friends. What is it that each of us uniquely brings to the table and would be missed if you were to become somebody else. In case you have trouble picturing this set of qualities, I want to make a reference to the popular “Lego” movie. For those of you who saw it, you will remember Emet. Emet was a happy construction worker who enjoyed life one day at a time, while his friends thought he was not special, he turned out to really be the chosen one, coming-up with ideas that literally saved day that not even the master builders of the movie were able to come up with.

In conclusion, each of us brings something unique that we might not be realized it until there is a need for it. It is an irreplaceable gif that is unique to each of us which in turns contributes to make the world a better place.

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Piya K. said...

I like it Noe! Just be yourself. A simple and true message for all!