Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Global Landscape and Business Intelligence

Dear Readers,

While it has been a while since my last posting, I have not been idle. I have been heavily immersed in Global BI Implementations. During this time I have gathered enough evidence that the world is not really flat, but rather heavily interconnected. Picture a big Swiss cheese with holes all over its surface, it you drop a small ball in one the holes, you do not on which side of the cheese it is going to come out. A few years back, the world was more isolated, events could be contained within borders and bad or good economic decisions usually favored a few. Today this is no longer the case, with the growth of global companies and brands, multinationals now have direct influence of global commodities prices and control over local markets in dozen of countries.
Business Intelligence is enabling this trend by providing global consolidated information, and thus allowing companies to make local market decisions from a centralized corporate location that might be thousand of miles away. With the right information strategy and metrics, previously disparate markets can be now be compared side to side and position to compete with each other, shifting power from mature to development markets where growth becomes the main driver.
This trend will accelerate and continue as companies continue to look for the best talent at the best price and international boundaries become less relevant as global information flows freely through data networks.
In my next posting I will outline the challenges that Global BI implementations face and some strategies on how to address them.

Noe Gutierrez

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